wineIn 2008 while sitting in a coffee shop with his cousin, wine industry veteran Paul Clear floated the idea of producing brands for sale in the US market. Having no money and no clue how to start a business, Clear and his cousin embarked on an adventure to Spain where they sought out wineries that would help a couple dreamers start a company.

10 years and many winery visits later,  Clear’s cousin is still his biggest supporter, but has taken a different route. But Clear and his partners, the Fernandez family from Spain, carry on this legacy of a company driven by passion, hard work and dreams. That hard work and dedication to quality has paid off. Now with brands in 30 states and counting, the future is very bright for Terroir as we continue to grow, and seek out wines of passion and quality and bring them to you.


We hope you taste the passion in every sip, and we are sure that you will fall in love with every wine, as we have and that maybe, just maybe, we can motivate you to embark on your own dream!